The Federal Funding Database tracks funding allocations of potential relevance to Equity Fund grantees from three pieces of federal legislation: the American Rescue Plan (2021), the Infrastructure Bill (2021), and the Inflation Reduction Act (2022). Each row in the Federal tab of the database represents one item within a given bill, identified on the basis of its correspondence to one (or more) of the following sectors: energy, climate, jobs, economic impact, resilience, transportation, housing and broadband. For each item, Equity Fund collected information on what the item does, the program it relates to, how much money has been authorized for it, how the funding will be distributed, and who will be managing the distribution. Because all of these items/programs are at different stages of development, the available information varies. Where we know funds for a particular item have already been distributed to the states, we indicate as much on the State tab. All of this information will be updated regularly, as funding allocation progresses.