Atlas developed a series of tailored Google News Searches to identify media stories related the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act. The Google News Searches look for stories that mention both federal climate legislation and key climate terms such as “energy”, “carbon”, or “electricity.”

Next, stories are tagged based on the keywords present in their headlines. For example, if a story’s headline includes “electric vehicle,” it will be tagged under “Transportation.”

Popular Publishers were identified based on methods used by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law for the Midterm Monitor. Popular publishers were selected based on several independent rankings used to identify the most influential outlets and pundits on a range of social media platforms and other broadcast mediums. Brennan Center identifies social media accounts associated with popular publishers. Atlas used Brennan Center’s list of social media accounts to identify news websites associated with popular publishers where possible. Atlas then supplemented the list of popular publishers to add climate-focused publishers.

Any publisher whose URL ends in .gov is considered a Government Publisher.