Highlighting unprecedented federal funding for climate change


The Climate Program Portal pulls together crucial summary data, news, requests and updates related to the climate elements in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This Portal was developed by Atlas Public Policy with input from diverse stakeholders. With all this data in one place, users can prepare for and respond to key funding and developments.

The Portal draws on the text of the laws as well as key supporting material and resources such as agency websites and fact sheets. The Portal relies on inputs from partner organizations in order to capture the complexity and diversity of developments that are to come from the implementation of the laws.

The Climate Program Portal is in public beta meaning content and layout is expected to change. It also means we are interested in your feedback, so please drop us a line and let us know how we can improve the Portal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common issues you may have and how to resolve them. We are here to answer any other questions you may have at info@climateprogramportal.org or through the chat button in the bottom right corner.

Who can sign up?2023-11-17T13:07:59-05:00

Access is currently open to advocates working on the intended and equitable allocation of federal climate investments, as well as public officials who would benefit from the information on the site. If someone you know needs access, please get in touch: info@climateprogramportal.org.

Can I share this data?2022-02-08T20:48:36-05:00

You may use information on the Climate Program Portal in the form provided by the Climate Program Portal for your own internal business or organizational purposes and for no other purpose without permission in advance. For more information, you can view our user license agreement here. If you’re not sure, please get in touch: info@climateprogramportal.org.

What if I have data that I want to contribute?2022-02-08T20:48:21-05:00

We would love to hear from you! There are a number of different ways to contribute. All of which can be found on this page.

What if I see an error on the site?2022-02-08T20:47:56-05:00

We strive to keep the Portal up to date and make sure that all data has two pairs of eyes on it before it is published on the site. However, mistakes happen, and we appreciate your help ensuring our website stays accurate. If you notice anything off, please get in touch: info@climateprogramportal.org.

Why were these programs chosen?2022-09-15T13:05:01-04:00

The sections were identified as significant climate-related elements in IIJA and IRA. If there are other sections you think we should be tracking, you can suggest them using this form.

What’s next for the Portal?2024-05-10T19:35:35-04:00

We have big plans for the year ahead to track federal opportunities and funding outcomes. Please view the Portal’s roadmap for upcoming developments:

Development Description Release Date
Wetlands Impact Tracker Launch a new tool that surfaces key data from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permits for oil and gas projects located in wetlands. Q1 2024
2023 Annual Report Release the second annual report on funding programs announced awards to date. Q2 2024
Technical Assistance Directory Revamp Revamp the Technical Assistance Directory to make it more user friendly and easier to add contact data. Q2 2024
Direct Pay Tax Credit Tool Work with BlueCrab Strategies and L4GG to build out tool on the website. Q3 2024
Funding Connector Build a tool to allow users to identify the funding that they want and then get alerts when there are developments related to that funding. Q3 2024

Got an idea? Please get in touch info@climateprogramportal.org