Leveraging Federal Charging Investments Workshop

Oregon Convention Center Portland, Oregon

This workshop will focus on how to make the most effective use of charging investments, including both formula and discretionary grants as well as other funding, to quickly and effectively drive electrification of personal transportation in ways that center the needs of historically underserved communities and meet or exceed the Administration’s Justice40 objectives.

Forth Federal Funding Workshop 2023

Forth is hosting a workshop on May 15 - just before Roadmap - for communities seeking federal money for equitable EV projects from NEVI or other federal sources.

Forth Roadmap Conference 2023

Oregon Convention Center Portland, Oregon

Roadmap is the nation’s premier electric transportation conference, where leaders convene to transform how people and goods move. The conference brings industry and community leaders together in a highly interactive format to network, forge partnerships, deepen relationships, explore emerging trends, share best practices, and build the road ahead.