We have big plans for the year ahead to track federal opportunities and funding outcomes. Please view the Portal’s roadmap for upcoming developments. Got an idea? Please get in touch info@climateprogramportal.org

Development Description Release Date
Wetlands Impact Tracker Launch a new tool that surfaces key data from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permits for oil and gas projects located in wetlands. Q1 2024
2023 Annual Report Release the second annual report on funding programs announced awards to date. Q2 2024
Technical Assistance Directory Revamp Revamp the Technical Assistance Directory to make it more user friendly and easier to add contact data. Q2 2024
Finance Hub Work with BlueCrab Strategies to build out tool on the website to help better connect users to funding options. Q3 2024
Funding Connector Build a tool to allow users to identify the funding that they want and then get alerts when there are developments related to that funding. Q3 2024