EPA Clean School Bus Program: Joint Office Technical Assistance Webinar Series

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Authorized by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, EPA’s Clean School Bus Program provides $5 billion over five years to replace school buses with low- and zero-emission school buses. Additionally, NREL’s $5 million Clean Bus Planning Awards Program provides free technical assistance to create comprehensive and customized bus electrification plans for fleets.

This webinar series co-hosted with the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation will cover the following technical assistance topics related to clean school buses:

  • March 27 @ 1 PM ET – How to Develop a Training Plan And Where to get Certified Training
  • April 24 @ 1 PM ET – Charging Best Practices, Incorporating Charge Management, Solar, Battery Storage, and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)
  • May 22 @ 1 PM ET – Equipment Overview, Future Proofing, EVSE RFPs, and Best Practices
  • June 26 @ 1 PM ET – Differences Between ESBs and ICE Buses, ESB Maintenance, and Bus RFP Best Practices
  • July 24 @ 1 PM ET – Battery Overview, Recycling/End-of-Life Options, and Warranties
  • August 28 @ 1 PM ET – Building a Case For ESBs in your Fleet including Benefits, Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO), and Emissions Calculators
  • September 25 @ 1 PM ET – Electrification Process including a Step-by-Step Guide for New Adopters

For more information on the EPA Clean School Bus Program, please visit: epa.gov/cleanschoolbus

For more information on the NREL Clean School Bus Planning Awards Program, please visit: driveelectric.gov/clean-bus-planning-awards

If you have any programmatic questions or feedback, please email: cleanschoolbus@epa.gov

If you have any technical assistance programs, please email: cleanschoolbusTA@nrel.gov